1.27mm Pitch Headers-What a pain, right?

Hey Guys,

I was rummaging through electronic websites located all over the world
trying to get free samples of the 1.27mm Pitch Headers that go on the
J5 and J4 expansion pins, but they only ship to manufactures or out of
stock. I am at a loss here, I can't seem to interface those pins in a
nice clean fashion and am thinking I will have to resort to some nasty
soldering jobs. Is there a way I can have access to those pins
easier? Does anyone know where those 1.27mm header's are sold? Why
did they choose this size its seems so difficult to find things in
stock? :frowning:

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem, what were some of the
creative ideas you did to interface to those pins? Answer whatever
question is applicable.

We chose those parts because we had a very small area to fit the LCD expansion connectors. Remember that they were not on the original Beagles and we had to squeeze them in. As with any part these days, availability can always be an issue.

Have you tried Major League Electronics? They have a web store to order small volumes.


I purchased some Harwin M50-3501042 parts. from Mouser. http://www.mouser.com
They have plenty in stock.


Thanks guys. John Thanks for the suggestion, funny thing I already
ordered some from Mouser the other day haha. Thanks though.