10” LCD wiring/breakout


I’m pretty new to the BeagleBone and programming as a whole. I’m an electrician therefore I know some stuff but far from writing a complete program, I’m learning fast though.

I have a BeagleBone Black. I’ve got my hands on a ~10” display that I’d like to use for a project. It’s the perfect size for it that’s why I’d like it this much to work. I have zero information so far about the display. No writings, nothing. The display has 2 flat cables, one for the touch screen that I don’t want to use, and the other is a 60 pin/wire flat cable. I couldn’t find any breakout board or any controller board that has 60 pin connector. (Only some weird “converters” from 50 to 60 pin but they seem display specific)

Is there any way I can get the display to work with the BBB?

(Sorry I really am new to this)

Thank you