1920x1080 Resolution Possible on BBXM?


Is it possible to achieve a 1920x1080 resolution on the BBxM?

If it isn’t, would it be possible with a connected BeagleBone?
I would actually buy one, just for that.

Can someone help pls?


The -xM can display at that resolution. But, depending on what you want to do, like decode video and display at that resolution, that may be tough to do.


Hi Gerald,

Thanks for that. I would like to try and change the resolution on the xm. Can you point me what to do?
And, what exactly can you do with a beaglebone and beagleboard xm?


It depends on the support that is enable din whatever Linux distribution you choose to use. As long as the support is there, it will provide that resolution.

As to exactly what you can do with a Begleboard and a Beagleboard-xM., I don’t think trying to explain all the possibilites in an email is a good idea. Maybe start on You Tube and do a search and see what other people have done would give you a visial record of what can be done.