1Gig Ethernet Rant was: just plain Rant

Changing the subject . . .

Regarding 1Gig Ethernet; seriously what for? I have yet to see any useful application that even comes close to choking 100Mb.

Then there’s the wireless access, 54Mb, and how about the internet connection to your home? I just recently got 55Mb and can’t even come close to choking that and that’s with the kids streaming multiple videos! Most folks are still around 3 to 6Mb!

1Gig requires double the number of lanes, magnetics are HUGE and expensive! More PCB real estate needed! And all this to get you, WHAT?? Bragging rights??

If you seriously believe life will not go on without your 1 Gig Ethernet, make a cape!


Hmmm. I have the same opinion. But, what do I know!


Obviously you’ve never done any file transfers over the onboard ethernet. I boot from ethernet, and reads nearly max theoretical 100mbit at 11.9MB/s. It just does not get any faster than this with fast ethernet. Writes are a little slower at 11.1MB/s, which is to be expected. File transfer speed is crucial on a network storage device. 12MB/s theoretical is just not fast enough any more.

What is the point of having GbE ethernet at all on any system ? BY that line of reasoning, we’d all still be stuck at 800K transfers with USB if we stayed with USB 1.1.

Anyhow, you do not have to see the point. Neither does Gerald, Wishful thinking is all it was.

Trust me. USB will still be faster even if 1G Ethernet was on the board.