1V8 line on expansion header

How much current is left over for the 1V8 line on the expansion header?
Previous posts all say very little power is available on the 1V8 line but
what is a ball park number (10mA? 1mA?, 100uA?).

Is it enough to drive the 1.8V supply of a 1.8V to 3.3V/5.0V level shifter?
Or what about using it to power a SD flash card? The SD cards seems to want up
to 50mA max.


It is enough to drive a level shifter. I would not go over 30mA on the 1.8V.


If you look in Table 3 of the SRM, it specifies the max at 100mA, but with the double memory on Rev C2, that number is now a little lower. I have not yet made a determination on what that number will be. There are other factors also that will reduce that number, so that is why I answered at 50mA.