2 BBB do not boot after opkg update and upgrade

This happened to me too, I hooked up an FTDI serial cable to the serial debug port and rebooted; it fails to find the “uImage” kernel file and thus lands you at the uBoot command prompt.

From this force it to boot uImage-3.8.6 using the following uboot commands:

env set bootfile uImage-3.8.6

After it boots, run this to force-upgrade the kernel:

opkg --force-overwrite install kernel-image-3.8.8

After doing that my BBB boots without a hitch.

As of this morning opkg upgrade is bringing in 3.8.10 modules. This means we need to use the corresponding 3.8.10 kernel image right? I checked in the modules directory - only directories for 3.8.6 and 3.8.10 were present.