2 BBB do not boot after opkg update and upgrade

You probably won't see anything on the hdmi. You'll need to connect over serial. Chances are the system is at the Uboot bootloader prompt and hasn't loaded a driver for hdmi.

Any 3.3 v serial cable should work. I used the spare port on my AVR STK500. Make sure it's 3.3 v... If you don't have one, your best bet is to flash the eMMC with a new image using a uSD card


Thanks for the reply, you were right I didn’t see anything on the HDMI. It doesn’t look like my usb keyboard loads either… The problem is when I used the uSD card it does the 1-2-3-4 light boot sequence then I see the 2nd (CPU light) turn on and it stays that way for ever, so seems like it isn’t actually flashing the eMMC, left it for an hr or two and the whole board just started heating up as if CPU really was at 100%. Guess I’ll have to wait for my serial cable to arrive before I can tell what is going on. Or maybe the problem is how im setting up the uSD from a mac…


Hey Piyush,
I used a mac to burn my uSD. I had trouble with a cheap 2 GB card, but got lucky with a 4 GB one - so the quality of your card may have an impact as well. To flash the image I used Keka to unzip the .img.xz and dd to transfer it. Takes for ever, but it did work.

Wait for the serial cable. Its worth it seems like - price of being an early adopter I guess. :slight_smile:

Hey Kaustubh,

Someone on the IRC pointed out to me the image for the eMMC flash extracts out to about 3.6 GBs… I’m blind and completely missed that, and you are right on that I was using a 2GB sd card. No wonder it doesnt work! Will go get a 4gb card tomorrow and try again.