2 BBB do not boot after upkg update and upgrade

Hi Stuart,

Ive had similar problems with the image (04/13/2013 3.8.6-kernel based ?) shipped with my bbb…

In addition to your steps, I found the following to also work:
. Follow the steps listed in:

http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=Updating_The_Software or

the steps in:


. In either case, they take you to the location of the latest (blessed only ?) version for bbb:


which happens to be the same (problematic) 04/13/13 eMMC flasher.
. So, based on links to keon’s latest eMMC flasher versions here:


I picked the lastest (yesterday) 05/03 version.
. Followed the above instructions and was able to bringup the bbb on the 05/03/13 image.

From here on, I got all the following working (on the 3.8.11 05/03/13 image):
. Only chrome (on Win7 64bit Pro, Ubuntu 13.04) works for all
bonescript samples, including SSH access via browser and Clound9 in Win7.
On all pages, I can see that chrome detects the serial #/version of the bbb
displayed in the greeb box at top.
. While I can access bbb’s homepage (start.html) from firefox 20 (in either
Win7 or Ubuntu 13.04), the top area always indicates (indirectly) that it cannot
detect the bbb’s info. So there is no green box, only an orange box with a edit
field that accepts the bbb’s (usb0-based) ip-addr. Despite entering the ip-addr,
none of the bonescripts work.
. Also, with the 3.8.11 image I see:
. From Ubuntu 13.04: can ssh into bbb, can access bbb via a 4pin debug
TTL/USB-cable using gtkterm.
. From Win7: can only access bbb via the ssh option of putty 0.62. Cannot
access it via the debug TTL/USB-cable and keeps beeping (single beep)
every time I try.

At this point, as of the 05/03/2013 image, despite documentation everywhere, the only major access option that appears to fail, is the use of Firefox 20 from either Win7 or Ubuntu 13.04. 'am also able to assign an IP-addr (+ hostname) to bbb’s eth0 via my DHCP server and the bbb tests above work similarly over usb0 or eth0…


You might want to revisit.



So “opkg update” isn’t something that should ever be done?

Hugh Johnson

Not until you upgrade to:


See comments on this page.