2 out of 3 boards defective

We bought 3 beaglebone black boards last week. When we received them only 1 of the boards would load code and run. The other 2 would kernel panic in the code loading process. I am very dissapointed, and I guess I will have to find a more reliable platform. Thanks for wasting my time beaglebone.


Could you tell us how you were booting the board?

It could be as simple as re-flashing the eMMC or booting from a uSD card.

given how many different BBBs i've worked with without issue, i have
to think you're doing something a little odd. can you be more


That is what we were trying to do, Reflash the eMMc. The would start to flash and then kernel panic. 1 worked fine. The other 2 both paniced. We tried each board several times.


Where did you buy them? There are a few diffierent BBBs out there now.

Did you initially try the Getting Started steps first, before trying
to reflash them?


Yes we did. The serial connection worked. When we tried to flash the eMMC they paniced.


So all 3 boards initially worked fine? Then afte flashing the eMMC,
only 1 worked? If that's the case, just reflash the non-working ones
again, as it just sounds like the flash process failed.

I have tried reflashing them both at least 10 times each. They panic every time.


Are you flashing them while USB powered ?
if so that's your fail

use a good 2a wall wart power supply

No using a 5V 2A wall wort.


If it's the dreaded 3.8.x kernel's mmc hang message..

There's 2 options:

use a 3.14.x based image

or use a different brand microSD card.


I own 5 of them 2 from circutco 3 from element 14

all work perfectly

where did you buy your boards from ?

do they boot from the SD card ?

whats the serial debug output have to say about the error ?

The serial port shows a kernel panic trying to flash one of the memory blocks. I have tried several different SD cards. I can’t even get an image loaded, so I can’t try 3.14.


The serial port shows a kernel panic trying to flash one of the memory

Can you attache the error message?

I have tried several different SD cards. I can't even get an image
loaded, so I can't try 3.14.

These are 3.14 based:



Here is what I get:

Dennis, you still have not told us where you bought the board from, and who makes the board.



amazon does not make boards

I have used something like 20-30 beagleboards and bones over the years and have not had a single failure other that maybe one I fried on my own…

Sounds like user error to me…

Doing some searching your board comes from element14. they are made in
so far they have good quality control, my 3 were flawless.

you may be forgetting something. the board is open source. any number of
people can build them and sell them
if you are having specific issues with a hardware failure you need to
contact the person you purchased them from
or try roberts new images that work with any SD card.