2014-03-04 Debian flasher doesn't flash the eMMC in BBB

I tried to update the latest version Debian in


Download BeagleBone Black (eMMC flasher) Debian (BeagleBone Black - 2GB eMMC) 2014-03-04 and use Image Writer to write into SD card.

However, when pressing on S2 (boot Switch) and power on,image in SD card isn’t flashed into eMMC but BBB boots from it.

How do I do to flash the image into BBB eMMC not boot from it.

Will be a big different between Angostrom and Debian? because I use Angostrom before to control LED on the board, GPIO, UART0 and so on. Those codes remain the same or I have to modify it.


Are you holding S2 pressed until after the board powers up?


Hi Gerald,

I did hold S2 until after the board powers up. Before I updated Angstrom several times, they were all success. I didn’t know where I did wrong.

My PCB is version A5C.

What information should I give to make it clear and easy to debug.


After retry several times, I found I can flash the NAND with the latest Debian. Maybe, there is something wrong over there, but I can use it now…

That's a little odd, as they are the same flashing backend.