2015-09-06 machinekit image not picking up mouse/keyboard on powered USB hub.

Just installed the 2015-09-06 Machinekit image and when booted it doesn’t pick up my USB mouse or keyboard attached to a powered hub.
I get the X display on my monitor and a mouse cursor which doesn’t move. I can login over ssh. While I realize ssh -X is generally better performance, especially if using the usb connection, but I need a local mouse/keyboard and HDMI display for some things I’m working on.

The bone-debian-8.1-lxqt-4gb-armhf-2015-08-16-4gb.img. works fine with this exact setup.

If I unplug the hub, plug in my Logitech USB wireless touchpad/keyboard dongle and press the reset button I get a working mouse/keyboard after it boots.
If I then hot unplug the dongle and plug in the hub, the USB mouse/keyboard then work, If I also plug the dongle into the hub both mouse and touchpad work as does both keyboards.
What gives?

I need the hub because I need a mouse, keyboard, and webcam. Re-booting with the dongle attached to the hub again yields no working mouse/keyboard.

The MachineKit image is still tied to the ancient/broken/etc usb 3.8 kernel..

Hopefully we will be able to move a v4.1.x kernel for "MachineKit" in
the near term..


Hello Guys,
is ther any solution for this usb hub issue?

I have the same probleme.

best regards

Make sure the hub and all USB devices are connected at power-on,
otherwise, try a different hub.

I have used the Logitech mouse/keyboard combos (various ones with a
single USB receiver) as well as powered USB hubs successfully. The
hub I typically use is built-in to various Dell monitors I picked up
at surplus for use with the BBB. I honestly haven't seen much trouble
with the USB ports (as long as you're not trying to hot-plug), but
maybe I've just been lucky.

Regardless, the Machinekit 3.8.13-xenomai kernel should support the
same USB devices as the standard 3.8.13 kernel, so any USB tips or
debugging help (for the 3.8.13 kernel) should apply.

...or if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could work on
trying to port to the 4.x kernel series (different cape manager and
PRU support).

I have also used both Logitech and Microsoft wireless Keyboard/Mouse combos with a powered USB hub and they work fine with the BBB.


this sounds very good.I used a logilink hub with power supply, and it didn't work. Now I have to try another one.

Thanks for support.