[2023-09-02] new way to flash eMMC, BeagleBone AI64 and BeaglePlay

Starting with our 2023-09-02 monthy release, both the BeagleBone AI64 and BeaglePlay now have a new way to flash the eMMC. We’ve enabled a u-boot menu option, so users can change different boot settings…

For example, with the BeagleBone AI64 minimal image, the u-boot menu will now show:

BeagleBone AI-64 microSD (extlinux.conf) Options
1:	BeagleBone AI-64 microSD Recovery
2:	BeagleBone AI-64 copy microSD to eMMC
3:	BeagleBone AI-64 microSD (default)
Enter choice:

The default choice (3) would be the standard boot in previous images and is ran within 5 seconds. With a non-flasher image, you can now choose to select the (2) Option (copy microSD to eMMC) to directly copy the microSD → eMMC… Option (1) has been around since the last release, just allows you easily boot into a board, when you mess up an overlay in extlinux.conf…

Today this is only over the debug uart port.