2x14 expansion header with sufficient height to clear USB connectors?

Hi all,

I have an FPGA daughterboard designed for the Pandaboard, but there
aren't many hardware people in that forum, so I thought I'd try my
question here. (Both boards use 2x14 expansion-headers---we just have
two of them.)

I need to find a 2x14 (0.1" pitch) header combo with non-standard
height---enough to clear at least a double-USB connector, and perhaps
enough to clear a double-USB-plus-Ethernet connector like the one on
Panda. This requires a board-to-board spacing of at least 1 to 1.5

My board can mount underneath the Panda, but as it sports a dual-USB
connector of its own, I have a the same problem there. It's too late
for me to change the design to flip one of the boards over.

I haven't had much luck searching for tall headers on Digikey. Anyone
run into this problem before?



Try samtec. They sell 0.1" headers in a ton of configurations and they do small orders. I've gotten long male 0.1" headers form them before.



Thanks! Plenty of good choices there. Now to decide which one...


You can refer to the BeagleBoard-xM System Reference Manual for part numbers. The second bullet under Getting Started" http://beagleboard.org/


Hi Gerald,

I should have thought more carefully about this prior to layout. The
Pandaboard ships without the expansion headers populated, so one can
choose which side they are on. I probably made the wrong choice,
laying out my right-side-up board to either sit above or below the
right-side-up Pandaboard. The upside-down approach would have reduced
the needed stack height considerably. But I think it will still be ok
with longer headers.


OK. I have nothing to do with Panda, so you most likely will need to work with them to determine any other issues that could arise.