3.10.28 kernel and Xenomai


The latest and greatest ELDK 5.5 contains an ipipe patch for a 3.10.28 kernel [1].
Unfortunately 3.10 is not very stable on the beagle-xm and does not support rootfs over nfs. In case someone has 3.10.x with a working network interface please let me know. I am aware of the trick with modprobe phy_nop, but this is does not really help.

What I’ve seen is that 3.9.11 was the last kernel without fdt which was OK and afterwards we go to 3.13.x. In between is headache :wink:



[1] http://git.denx.de/?p=eldk.git;a=tree;f=meta-eldk/recipes-kernel/xenomai/files;h=5e0a45ae252f16183d687d3c23e7b26a2f1096fe;hb=df9de1fcd37181c170c77427f9d1e2a5a00f58be


I have used 3.10.18 with Xenomai 2.6.3 for use with ROS Groovy. The kernel indeed proves not to be very stable since it freezes the system frequently. Apart from that, ROS doesn’t work flawless either, but I’m trying to find out why. It may be because ROS Groovy is supported up till kernel 3.5, but kernel 3.5.7 (again, this one has Xenomai support) so far doesn’t run at all on the Beagle-xM as does 3.8.13. So I’m really curious why these kernels (either with of without Xenomai) won’t run on the board.