3.1MP Camera cape on Beaglebone Black


Could anyone tell me how to make the camera cape work with Beaglebone Black? In this page, I see that BBB can work with the camera cape if it boots from microSD card. In my case, I run Ubuntu from a microSD card and I also disabled eMMC in uEnv.txt but I got in to an error:

[ 2.348164] cssp-camera 18000000.camera: Got rstctl (gpio:#0 name eMMC_RSTn) label:eMMC_RSTn-CAM3
[ 2.365958] cssp-camera 18000000.camera: CSSP Revision A4
[ 2.371758] cssp-camera 18000000.camera: dma_ch=20
[ 2.376819] cssp-camera 18000000.camera: dma_link[0]=65
[ 2.484722] cssp-camera 18000000.camera: camera sensor configuration failed

Thank you.


You need to disable the eMMC and boot from the SD card as a first step.