3.7.1-bone4 kernel doesn't build ti_tscadc module

It seems that using the linux-dev 3.7.2 kernel branch isn’t building the ti_tscadc module. This is causing the pwm interface and some of the i2c buses to not show up.

Any advice is appreciated.





btw... More capes work on the 3.8 branch.. :slight_smile:


I just checked the config and I have that there already. It does look like the module was renamed to ti_am335x_tscadc. The problem I’m seeing is that I cannot probe the i2c-1 bus, the i2c-3 bus does not appear

ubuntu@arm:/dev$ ls i2c*
i2c-0 i2c-1
ubuntu@arm:/dev$ sudo i2cdetect -y 1
Error: Can’t use SMBus Quick Write command on this bus

dmesg shows http://pastebin.com/DuzeuvSs

It looks like there was some sort of issue - omap_i2c 4819c000.i2c: controller timed out

The other thing I don’t have is the pwm interface in /sys/class/.

I’ll give the 3.8 kernel a try and see how it goes.


I’m seeing the same issues with the 3.8 kernel as well. I just want to confirm that I should be building from the linux-dev tree?

Here is the dmesg for 3.8 http://pastebin.com/EtRz7mEe

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Also, when I lsmod on the 3.8 kernel, it only shows ipv6 as the only module loaded. None of the modules that the earlier kernels would show are coming up.



So enable what you want...

There's a few things that need to be fixed first, before I'll enable
everything under the sun...


When you said that 3.8 had more capes supported, I read that as “things will be better on 3.8 than on 3.7.” I think I’ll just wait until you put 3.8 into your ubuntu images.


Correct, v3.8 does have more capes that work right now, and those that
do work, work a lot better then v3.7.x... However, just not the cape
your using right now based on your emails, so for now you should just
stick with v3.2.x..



I am running Ubuntu 12.10 (GNU/Linux 3.2.32-psp25 armv7l) in a Beaglebone. I have a LCD7 touchscreen installed and when I use the free channels of the ADC, the screens freezes.

I am a newbie and I don’t know if it is possible what i am asking:

I have read in the web that “ADC platform data is not added by default” and it is needed to use touchscreen and ADC together. The same web suggested some changes to be made.
I have tried to rebuild with the changes suggested but it doesn’t work. I can’t rebuild because there is not “linux/platform_data/ti_adc.h” in my source code.

Searching the web I have found this:


It seems that this fix is quite recent, so I wonder if this characteristic is included in any of the new versions or it will be included in a new one.

Thanks in advance.