3730/camera version of beagleboard (was: breakout board available?)

2009/12/6 Gerald Coley <gerald@beagleboard.org>

C4 will NOT have a header for the camera interface. The C4 is exactly the same as the rev C3, with a 720MHZ processor and a change in the EHCI PHY power arrangement.

Oh, okay. When you said that the version coming out in Q2 2010 will have 3730 and camera interface and that C4 would be Q2 2010 I assumed you were talking about one and the same revision.

So 3730 and camera will be C5 or D or whatever you decide to call it and will follow shortly after C4?

We did a C4 version to go to the 720MHZ 3530 and fix the EHCI. The Big version, not sue what we will call it, is due later in 2010. It has the 3730 , camera, and several other new wrinkles on it. We plan to contunue to offer the rev C4 and the new version at the same time.


2009/12/6 Gerald Coley <gerald@beagleboard.org>

We plan to contunue to offer the rev C4 and the new version at the same time.

Ah, so a price difference will be introduced between the two types - beagleboard classic and beagleboard extreme if you will.

When you say later in 2010, you are now starting to think it will be towards the end of Q2 or possibly even later than that?

Hi Gerald,

I would love a version of the BeagleBoard with built in 10/100
Ethernet. The current kludge is leading me towards one of the other
OMAP3 boards.



We are talking Q2 on the newest version.

As to the 10/100. Wait until Q2.



I totally agree. The idea of hanging everything on USB doesn't work.
The OMAP processor doesn't have built-in ethernet module as it is
meant mainly for handheld devices,
but for development module ethernet interface is a must have.