3D model of Boris (beagleboard.org mascot) on Thingiverse

Using http://www.machinekit.io/ and BeagleBone Black plus a Replicape
or BeBoPr to build a 3D printer? Well, now you can print Boris, the
BeagleBoard.org mascot!

I just got some tiny test prints from Shapeways and they looked good,
so I scaled up the model and uploaded it to Thingiverse[2]. The
picture below[1] has a USB thumb drive of Boris (previously available
on http://boardzoo.com/, but currently out of production) that was
used as a reference and 4 miniature test prints in different materials
(WSF, EP, BD, and ALU, respectively).

Have fun and share lots of pictures of your prints! Please share back
any improvements to the model.

[1] https://plus.google.com/102344295024422039483/posts/AVdK5rh2hGD
[2] http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:359076