3v3 regulator bug

We are planning to build an IoT gateway based on a Beagle Bone Black.
Till now we were experimenting with the Beagle Bone Black Rev C.
Since we need to protect the filesystem, we want to use a battery so we can detect a power failure and nicely shutdown the system.

Unfortunaletly we encountered a problem.
After shutting down the system with a battery connected, the 3v3 regulator bug is triggered.
The BeagleBone Black is a good board for our purpose, so we really want to use this board.

A few questions come up in our minds.

  1. How bad is this bug? Is it really gonna damage the processor?
  2. Are there any other solutions than patching to an unified 3v3 rail?
  3. Are there any next revisions planned for the BeagleBone Black? And if they are planned, will this bug be fixed in the next revision?


Regards Jason

And what is the 3.3V regulator bug?


Are you referring to the 3v3 - 1v8 < 2V?