4.3" Raw LCD w/ Touch capabilities.

I have a custom project that needs a small touch screen that has high
brightness for outdoor use. I know that Beagle Board has support for
finished touch screens, but this is going into a very small custom
casing so I cant use a stand alone screen.

I have seen the Wiki on the raw LCD that uses that very large daughter
board to make it work. That wont help me because of size

I am looking to hook up something like this Samsung screen available
at gumstix.com.....but dont know how to go from the Beagle Board to
the touch screen.

Features: 4.3" diagonal screen. 480x272 pixels, max 8 bits each of
resistive touchscreen overlay

Connection: connects directly to LCD-ready gumstix expansion boards.
Power: Fully supplied at various voltages by any gumstix LCD-ready
expansion boards
Dimensions: 105.5 x 67.2 x 3.9mm
display is: 95.04 x 53.856mm
Samsung Part number: LTE430WQ-F0C

*On verdex COMs only 6 bits each of R,G,B is exposed.
For basix and connex COMs only 6-5-6 R-G-B is exposed

For the Beagle you will need to create a board that translates the 1.8V signal on the Beagle to the required voltages on the LCD and to interface to the display’s specific connector. It will also need to supply all of the required LCD power supplies. You will also need to provide a backlight control and a touchscreen controller as well.


Why not use a Gumstix Overo + Palo43 + the Samsung screen? Overo is
very much similar to a Beagle.

There is even a nice case available from Special Computing.