4 questions about the 2 wifi+bt capes

Four questions about the two WIFI+Bluetooth CAPEs.

  1. Why are there two nearly identical CAPEs being sold, made by the same manufacturer, same price, one with B/G/N and one with A/B/G/N? That’s the only difference I can see from the descriptions of these two. Is there any reason to choose the -BLE model over the -5E? I tried to compare schematics, but the wiki shows the same schematic for both boards.

If you have no need for the 5GHz band, don’t get it. If you don’t care about the difference, you don’t. Some people do.

  1. On the CAPEs with external antenna, how is the antenna attached? Just wires into the headers? I’ve got a nice YAGI I’d like to use instead of the one shipped with the board, so I’m hoping to attach an SMA connector.

  2. Does either CAPE support promiscuous mode (wifi sniffing)? I’m thinking about trying to get Kismet working.

  3. Why is the bluetooth module no longer supported? Did the driver get dropped from Angstrom for a reason? Does it work with any other OS, like Ubuntu?

IIRC, it didn’t get “dropped” it was never there to begin with. It’s a kernel thing so it affects all distros.