4 user blinking LED's when trying to flash emmc! :(

Heya, I have been experimenting with different distro’s on the BBB, trying to find the one that works for what I want. Gotta admit this thing is touchy and cumbersome, sometimes boot’s, sometimes doesn’t. Now upon trying to flash the emmc I get four user led’s blinking synchronously! The only doc’s I can find on this state that I have used up my limit flashing the emmc. Please tell me this isn’t true?!?! If so, this would be absurd to me as I have only re-flashed it under ten times.

Can someone please advise if this is the case, or is there something else wrong? I don’t have a serial connection and don’t want to waste any money on getting one to see the error code if this is in fact the case!

Any help would be appreciated!

Did you look on the support Wiki?



Ahh, as you don't specify which image, that sounds like my
ubuntu/debian image. (please confirm which image you used...)

First make sure NO capes are installed. You can leave the ethernet
plugged in but nothing else, not even the 'expansion' cape board..
Make sure your using 5Volt DC power.

I only have one board that shows the same issue, but it was a very
very early pre-production one.. (The eMMC on that one had been
re-written way to many times..)



Can this question be answered: How many times can the emmc be reflashed??


Thanks… I’m getting it with the angstrom emmc flasher(latest image) as well.

3,000 times per bit.


Like all nand based memory, I have a pile of MMC/microSD cards on my
desk that only lasted a few months. Maybe re-flashed 2-3 times a day
for that given time frame.

If it's been less then a 100 re-flashes, check everything as
'something' is failing during the flashing procedure. Power is usually
the #1 cause, but if you have something connected to the eMMC lines,
that could effect it to..


It takes 45min to flash when booting a flasher from the SD card while holding the boot button down at power up when running from a 1A 5VDC external supply.
It is possible that the SD card holder can get damaged. It is a push to eject connector.


Cool, no way near that!

Okay, so I think I have narrowed down what just happened here!

I fdisk’d and formatted, well thought I did, the sd card. But now I have come to realize depending on if a sd card is inserted at boot or not, changes the way mmcblk*'s are allocated. so my emmc actually got re-partitioned. Yeah, I should have double checked things, but why is it re-arranging like this and not just standardized to the emmc always specifically being on a certain mmcblk?

So now, nothing will work. I get so far with ANY distro, be it emmc flasher or an image made to run off of SD, bam, blinking led’s. dmesg reveals ifile errors. I am stuck in a read-only rootfs and I cannot do anything to fix the emmc.

Hope some of this makes sense.

My suggestion, And this is just me. GO back to the factory mode. Follow the instructions on the Wiki. Make sure all that still works. Then continue down the path you are going. This way you know whether or not the HW has any issues.


Been there, done that… Thanks anyways for the suggestion.

Well, we have used that procedure 82,000 times. So if you did it exactly as I wrote it and it didn’t work, then you have an issue that you can’t fix.


Is that an exact number, or are you just being a dick?

It’s fixed now… not by your wiki basics.


We have shipped 82,00 BBB boards. We use this process on every single board we ship, Does that answer you question?


how did you get it fixed?