4GB eMMC Shipping

The BBB product notes page says the 4GB eMMC will start shipping May 5, 2014 (yesterday). Dos anyone know if the 4GB eMMC model is shipping?

We expect to make the first shipments today.


Which image would it ship with?


Debian. http://beagleboard.org/latest-images


I saw the other day (on the BeagleBone Black Wiki page) that the delivery date was changed from may 5. to june 5.
and now today the text about the delivery date has been removed from the page AND the status of the C revision has been change from “Pending” to “Production”.

Can we hope for the 4GB version to be available sooner the june 5. - I only hope


We are shipping the Rev C. That is why it shows the status as PRODUCTION, We shipped the first batch on Tuesday.


Congratulations! Another Beagle birthed.


May the 4GB be with you!

Has anyone been able to source one of the new 4GB eMMC models, if so, from where.

Adafruit had stock yesterday.
Special computing has stock today.

Did you try either of those?



Adafruit had 100 of they yesterday, they sold out before the end of the day.
Keep your eyes open and as soon as you see availability jump on it as
they don't last!


My RevC from AdaFruit is on it's way, and I have one in-hand from MCM.

The MCM version is the Element 14 board that (I hope) falls under the
logo program meaning some money from each sale goes to BeagleBoard.org.

The only complaint I have with the MCM board is it came with a really
old Debian build in the eMMC (one of the early ones from March when
systemd wouldn't let the system shut down). I just re-flashed with the
April 23 production image and it's been working great!

Yep. Element 14 shipped before we had released the kernel. I guess they were trying to beat us to market.