4wire Touch screen Interface

Hi All,

I would like to know if the beagle board supports the 4wire touch
screen display?. If yes, does it need a 4wire controller?

If you could give me a detail information I really appreciate it.



Beagle can support it via the I2C or SPI on the expansion header if added or you can use a touchscreen via a USB port. Beagle does not come with one. Rev B7 and below support the DVI interface. LCDs can be added to the Rev C2 board via the LCD header, but an adapter is required to adapt to each specific LCD. These adapters will be available from variouss sources over time once the Rev C2 is available in early March. Some if them may have touchscreen interfaces.

Feel free to read the System Reference Manual for details on what is currently provided on the Beagle.