4x C3 Beagles available if anyone wants them

Hello all,

A recent prod from a colleague reminds me that I have four C3 beagle
boards available from our last foray into the world of Beagle add-on
boards (I also have some HDMI- & ether-enabled add-on boards, but you
probably don't want those :-)).

I got them post-haste from Germany via India just before Christmas, so
ended up paying £128 each, +VAT. Which seems to be £150. They're boxed
and unopened - no guarantees that they work, but I will at least boot
them before I give them to you if you like and make sure.

So £150, or nearest sensible offer gets you a Beagle (or four!), else
I'll stick them on eBay :-). They're in Cambridge, UK, so if you're
near us you can come over and pick 'em up, if you're elsewhere
nominate your carrier and pay the P&P and I'll send 'em off. We're VAT-
registered, if it helps, so if you are too you get to avoid the VAT.

Payment by any reasonable means, but Paypal is probably easiest.