5.2 Volt / 1A switching adapter as power supply. Safe to use with Beagle Bone Black?


i got a “switching adapter” with 5.2 Volt, 1A Output. It says nothing about Watt so i am not sure about this.
Is this safe to use without damaging the Board? The plug fits in.

Picture and details: https://imgur.com/a/Slsrk

Nope, 5V is not 5.2V...


from the PMIC data sheet

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Supply voltage (with respect to PGND) AC -0.3 20

Recommended Operating Conditions
Supply voltage, AC 4.3 5.8 V

They call the power input AC but its really DC only

You can use that power supply. But the recommended power supply is a
good quality 5v 2 amp supply

Disclaimer. I do not recommend you use it but the PMIC data sheet says
its just fine.

Should also be aware that the given plug with that power supply could potentially be reversed polarity. In which case it’ll fry your beaglebone.