5-axis CNC controller with BBB

I recently got an information about this: https://halaser.de/e1701c.php

It is a 5-axis CNC controller which can be used together with a mill or a laser. It obviously is a BeagleBone with a cape - but to be honest I have no idea if this cape can be bought separately and if it runs with a normal Linux. But may be somebody is interested in this…

Well, there is also Machinekit, a complete packaged system with Linux, real time options and a variant of LinuxCNC all in one downloadable distribution. You get I/O pins that have the step and direction outputs at 3.3 V, but there is a CRAMPS board available that brings all this out in a more convenient form. You can run up to 6 coordinated axes with machinekit.


Hi! I found some CNC products, you can check out: http://www.winsupport-ic.com/search-parts/CNC.html

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