5V input and USB connections?

Quick question, is there any prohibitions about connecting the 5V DC
input and either USB directly to a powered PC USB connection or powered
USB hub?

If I remember correctly there was a problem doing so with the original
BeagleBoard (non-XM).

I did not see any such warnings in the SRM doc. In fact the DC Powered
Setup (section 9.2) says to connect the BeagleBone to a PC using a USB
type A connector. Is this referring to connecting the the USB host port
on the BeagleBone? Is this a non-standard cable? I don't think I have
ever seen a cable with a standard type A plug (PC side) to standard type
A (BeagleBone USB host port) plug.


The cable comes with the board. It is a type A (PC side male) to mini AB connector (BeagleBone side Male).

As to your power question, Both the USB and DC can be connected at the same time. The PMIC will default to the DC and no power will be drawn from the USB connection.