6 Channel Audio and the Beagle Board


I wish to put together a hobbyist Set Top Box (STB) with the Beagle
Board. For this purpose, it would be nice to have the ability to
render 6 channel audio. What are the options for this with regard to
the beagle board? I can think of USB Audio as one. Any others?


The expansion connector has a I2S on it that could be used as what we call a McBSP, which could support multiple CODECS. You would need to pick the CODECS to use and create a board to support it…


Thanks Gerald. Now let me hurry to research that :slight_smile:

Read the System Reference Manual and the OMAP3 data manual.


Thanks. Just now downloading the data manual.

On a related question, how about getting audio output through a
normal, stereo A/V cable, as most televisions expect audio input from
such a connector?


There is a 3.5mm stereo jack on the board from the TWL4030. You should be able to get an adapter cable that converts it to a RCA style jack.


Gerald Coley wrote:

Thanks a lot guys.

Got my beagle board today too:)