.65 mm cus memory chip suggestion

W e are on the process developing omap 3530 base system..It is very
difficult track .5mm CBB package on PCB. So we changed CUS package (.
65mm).We are facing some problem in memory chip .We are previously use
MT 29C2G24MAKLAJG- 6IT 2gb*16 nand +2Gb *32 LPDRAM is used.In previous
design we use POP package. We are planing mount memory chip
seperately on PCB. Can you suggest a memory chip with .65mm package
which have capacity of 2gb*16 nand +2Gb *32 LPDRAM also ,supporting
OMAP 3530 applications .

thaThanks well in advance
with regards ajish zacharias

As Beagle does not use this package, I would suggest that you make sure that you pose this question so someone at TI. You can also mount the same memory that you used as POP onto the PCB, thereby using the same memory. That memory is .5mm package, but the pins are al around the edges so routing should be very simple. You can also use one of the more standard packages of the memory as well. I would suggest you contact the memory suppliers and get their input. As long as it is LPDDR, you can use any package they have as it is going onto the PCB.