8gb SD card (from 4gb image) clone problem

Hi Guys,

I’m observing very strange problem.

We have customized 4gb image with installed simple custom app. After flashing a 8gb sdcard (with the same image) the Android is loading without any problems, but there is no sign of our app even in the /data/app. The same image is flashed on 4gb sd card and everything is fine - even the custom application.

When I mount the 8gb sdcard on my laptop - the directory structure is fine and /data/app contains the APK of my application. Unfortunately when the android complete booting - there is nothing in this directory when I am looking through the Debug serial terminal… the application is also missing in the list with installed apps.

Do you have any idea where could be the problem?

Thanks in Advance !

First things first. Are you sure that you're booting from the SD card?
Is it the BBB or Xm? BBB by default boots off the onboard eMMC.

Hi Przemek,

Actually, we have found the root cause and I am sharing it in order to be helpful to someone that observe the same!

On our image we have 3 partitions: boot, rootfs & usrdata. In fact that we have found the usrdata and rootfs are almost identical as a fil/dir structure. The second think: they are mounted exactly to the /data and the second mount has high priority.

I don’t know what was the purpose of the ustdata partition, but after its deletion everything start working in a proper manner… Cheeers!

Also we didn’t observe this issue since the beginning, because so far we have used 4gb sdcard which seems is not enough to cover the whole image and the usrdata partition has been corrupted from the beginning… When we have started to use 8GB the corrupted partition has been fixed and respectively start reproducing the problem above…

Maybe there is a problem in the init scripts… Later I will check!

I hope this to be clear enough and be helpful to someone in order to avoid ruined nights…