A beginners crysis on displays and everything else

I’m an absolute noob on the beaglebone bleck. I just got one yesterday together with a cape that duplicates the pins, so i could have two capes side by side and a chipsee display cape with a 7" 5 point touchscreen.
I got them used, so I expected the display to work, since it was never really used - according to the seller.
the module works as far as it can power the bbb from it and one of the uart lines shows the serial console of angstom linux. the beagle also works, but I can’t access it since the original owner changed the password.
So I am going to flash a new OS…
Since I could not really find any current information according the state of support for this lcd I wanted to ask if someone could help me and shed some light on what is neccessary to bring the module to life.

I feel really really dumb, since there is absolutely no information that i can make sense of and most of the links from the google groups are broken or plainly dont match the hardware in front of me… I worked with embedded systems before and I am pretty good with the raspberry pi… But I feel really really dumb starting out here. So if you guys gor some starter information, please share it too :smile:


My name is Seth. I am like a person but real. First off, please do not feel like a noob or dumb. Now that is out of the way.

Show some schematics, files of the LCD whereabouts, and photos. Anything can help.


P.S. Start w/ updating your image from this forum. The BeagleBone Black is currently in Bullseye Debian Distros on kernel, I think this is the norm now, 5.10.x.

Thanks for your kind words!
Sadly, a The LCD-cape is a module that I did not create myself, I don’t have schematics. And the manufacturer does not really support the product anymore.
The support team growled at me, when I asked to get isos of the cds with the drivers, sourcecode and prebuilt images.
I try to find a non-broken datasheet or a shop page:
I found a pdf overview on openhacks.com
I could provide some images and measurements, if you would like.

That screen/expansion device doesn’t have an eeprom in the correct location to read on bootup…

Grab the buster image:

Then downgrade to the older 4.14.x based image:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install linux-image-4.14.108-ti-r143
sudo reboot

Once booting with 4.14.x set this in /boot/uEnv.txt



That board

[22702] Chipsee CS-BBB-EXP7HC V2

Appears to still be available in the USA (Arizona) from:


They claim they have 5 available for $135US each.