a big accident to make bootable SD by mkcard.sh

Since mkcard.sh doesn't check media type, I could have lost data in my
hard drive. My PC doesn't boot. It shows "Diskette read failure" on
boot. I know this is not topic in this forum. but I desparately need
some experts' advice to restore data.


        You need to check and double check the warnings it gives you.
I'd start off by saying what distro you have.



Fedora 12. I tried F13 DVD rescue. But when I try chroot /mnt/
sysimage /bin/sh, it complains /bin/sh is not found,
but it is there. Also I tried LiveUSB, it displayed superblock issue
and got stuck.

I don’t recall what all that script does, but as long as it doesn’t format you have a fighting chance. Use a live distro cd/dvd and run testdisk against the drive. Testdisk can recreate the partition table by scanning the entire drive. If there is critical data that you can’t live without, make an image of the damaged drive on another disk and operate on that. If sucessfull, repeat same steps on damaged drive.

Sorry to be so terse, I’m in a taxi!