A couple of Beginner Beagleboard Questions - Some Bugs and Driver Support

Hi, I just got started messing around with the Beagleboard (rev C4)
and had a few questions about some bugs and driver support for some

I got Angstrom working on my beagleboard by following the directions
in http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardBeginners but am having some
resolution issues when connecting to my monitor (the monitor is
showing only a subset of the full screen, so I have some windows and
part of the taskbar that go out of the monitor's range). I can't seem
to change the screen resolution in Angstrom's settings either. I was
wondering what I could do to fix this (do I need to change some
variable in the boot settings?).

On another note, when I connect my beagleboard for serial
communication, I get partial output in my minicom connection (what I
mean by partial output is that I can read some lines, but they usually
get cut off). I can also type input and send it to the beagleboard,
but I can't see what I'm typing until I press enter (makes it annoying
to try to change some settings especially if I make a mistake in
typing). I was wondering if this was a serious problem or it was just
an issue with my serial-to-usb wire (I'm leaning towards the latter
since I've had issues with serial-to-usb connections with PICs before
and they ended up being due to the wire).

Finally, I want to get usb wifi working on my beagleboard and was
wondering if anyone had suggestions on which usb wifi module I should
buy. I've been looking around on amazon and have found quite a few
802.11n modules but I'm not sure if there are drivers for those. Also,
would it be wise to use a different distribution (ubuntu) if I want
better driver support?

Thanks for the help.

Hey Flux,

As far as I know you need to change your bootargs and save them..
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you have to reboot to
get to U-boot command line (hit a key before autoboot)?

Not sure about the minicom issue though, because I use TeraTerm with
Windows. If you got Angstrom up and running then your serial-to-usb
should be fine and I'd say it is just the program on your host. I used
to use telnet and that would never show anything you were typing until
you hit enter...