[a little OT]: RTC-Chip (I2C) with external battery for beaglebone?


I am looking for a RTC-chip to be used with my beaglebone
with the following features:
    * DIL case (no SMD)
    * high accuracy
    * useable via I2C
    * very little power consumption
    * externel battery (no integrated LI-battery)
    * small amount of (better no) additional parts needed (beside
    * additional programmable features (alarm, interrupt etc) would be

This chip is needed to maintain date/time while the beaglebone is
without power and will have no connection to the internet while
powered up next time.

What can be recommended? With what chip one has made goot

Thank you very much for advance for any help!

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Your best bet would be a DS1307, look for other variants (DS1629, DS1678 etc) in Maxim’s catalog. Microchip too has a few RTCs but I haven’t used any from them.


Hi µCFreak,

thank you for pointing me to this chip! :slight_smile:
Seems to be the right chip :wink:

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uCFreak <afflatustec@gmail.com> [12-10-18 04:34]: