A project on enhancing the Beaglebone beginners experience(GSoC?)


I am Tarang, a student looking forward to improve the out of the box beaglebone experience. This will mostly involve improving the current bone101 webpages with additional demos and improvement of the current demos. This is the set of pages that people are greeted when they go to on connecting their beaglebones to the computer through USB.

I plan to include examples which help the user in using the bbb with different hardware and electronics. Along with this I plan to develop examples and wrappers for interfacing with the web.
I hope to do the above work as part of a GSoC 2014 Project.

I had previously emailed to the beagleboard-gsoc mailing list describing the Idea and have received some feedback as well. The aim is to enrich the out-of-the-box experience for a bbb-beginner. I have linked the above mentioned conversation from the group here - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/beagleboard-gsoc/0JpdUsSvuBQ
Do have a look at it!

I am still in the process of improving the basic idea and making the work plan.

It would be great if people in beaglebone community can give suggestions to the idea so as to improve the project.

Also, I am looking for possible mentors for this project, who could guide me for a GSoC 2014 project.

Do let me know your views and suggestions on this idea!

Tarang Shah