A question about capabilities.

Hello everyone!

I am looking to use the BBB or something similar for a robotics project, but am very new to the BBB. I was hoping that someone with more experience could give me an idea of whether or not the BBB is capable of running all that I need it to.The project is to build an autonomous, wheeled, robot soccer unit that will be able to move around other units and be able to “see” the ball and kick/push it into a goal. The following criteria need to be met:

  • Needs to run ubuntu, ROS, and openNI.
  • Will need to send signals to two motor drivers capable of driving up to a total of four motors.
  • Exchange information over Xbee wireless devices to other units.
  • Use a Primesense Carmine 1.09 as the robot’s “eyes” to chase after the ball and avoid other units

I have seen some examples online of people building robots that use the ASUS Xtion or kinect with the BBB, or RasberryPi, but nothing that was quite this extensive. Is this project feasible with BBB or should I be looking to use something like the Beagleboard or something else? My main concern is the speed at which the robot will need to react. Is the BBB going to be overtaxed with computing both the input data from the Carmine 1.09 and the required information to drive the motors to intercept or follow the ball? I know that there is a lot of information passed in by the sensor, I just want to make sure it’s not too much for the BBB. Any kind of input would be welcome. Thank you.