About Babble Interrupt

Babble Interrupt is going me so crazy… :confused:

I explain my situation:
I have a system that ejects RFID cards through a toboggan that have the RFID lector… To eject the cards, there is a board controller that manage two engines through a simple command. This board have a chip USB Serial adapter that appear on devs as /dev/ttyACM0… Works fine until any moment, when controller crashes. Then when I try to re execute the script for test cards ejecting, a exception show me that ttyACM0 is “no such file”. If I go to /dev/ dir, the file still is there, but seems inaccessible. Looking the /var/log/messages [ 1141.622373] CAUTION: musb: Babble Interrupt Occurred and the only solution is reboot the BBB, because USB crashes. At the start I was thinking that electric noise caused the Babble interrupt, but whit help of electronic friends, we divide the grounds to avoid this issue… But this problems still going me crazy…

More data: I have an usb hub whit a PDF417 reader and camera that work together with the controller RFID ( reader + engines ) system. Generally the problem appears after ejects any card, there is no right time.

What is the Bubble interrupt? Any electrical protection?
Why USB leaves to work? There is any incompatibility whit the controller chip? Is a software issue ? or hardware issue?

Very thank you for your time.