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I have recently developed a cross-compiler for ARM specific architecture. Now I want to develop a native compiler for ARM, but not getting how to do…
I need a startup.
Any guidance …??

Manoj | India

I have recently developed a cross-compiler for ARM specific architecture.
Now I want to develop a native compiler for ARM, but not getting how to
I need a startup.

Just cross-recompile the compiler you developed with itself and you
will get the native version.

Sorry, just could not resist :slight_smile:

didn’t get u…

well to be "native", take your "recently developed a cross-compiler
for ARM specific architecture" and build it on an ARM board.. I'm
assuming you used something to bootstrap it on x86, so you might have
to build that first on the ARM..


didn't get u..

It was a kind of joke... forget it :slight_smile:

Well, seriously, I am suspecting that you are not *developed* but
installed some kind of ARM cross-compilation environment. Right? And
now you want the same compiler running natively on the ARM. Right? If
these assumptions are true, then you provide absolutely not enough
information. So nobody would be able to help. Which compiler, which
OS, which hardware, etc. you are using? I would strongly recommend you
to read the following article first:

However if my previous assumptions are not true and you really
developed your own compiler, then what Robert suggest actually answer
your question (and to some extent, my joke also :slight_smile: ). But even in
this case, you simply did not provide enough information for anybody
to help you. What you already tried, what exactly went wrong, what
Google mentioned to it? So again, I would recommend you to read the
article I've referenced above before posting the questions.


I have built a cross-compiler on i686 machine. my target was ARM. Successfully executed a.out on beagleboard. Now I want to have my host / build / target = ARM for the compiler.
I am using Fedora 15,
kernel=> linux-2.6.43
I know, you can guide me on this…


Sir, I am a college student and I am not working for any organization. This is my first post. I’ll come to know slowly how to post…:-)…
I just know this, if you have to pretend like an idiot to learn something new than it is good.
Sorry, if you think that i’m miss behaving, but i’m not. you are my senior and I respect my seniors a lot.
nobody is begging for help, just asking for guidance.
Still, I’d like to ask…
as I mentiond I am using Fedora 15
i686 machine
and want to build or “install in your percepective” a compiler on ARM for ARM.


You should just be able to build a native ARM GCC with your cross
compiler. Follow basically all the same steps but make sure you set
your --build, --host, and --target correctly for binutils, c library,
gcc, and any other prereqs for gcc (like mpfr, gmp, and mpc if using
external sources).

For example: in GCC's configure, set --build=${HOST} --host=${ARM}
--target= ${ARM} but replace HOST with the triplet of your build
machine and ARM with the triplet for your arm target (such as

For a bit more info (from an older version of gcc but it still applies):