absence of bone_capemgr.9. how to configure slots ??

I am running presently 3.18.1-armv7-x2 kernel version on my beagle bone black.
I want to make changes to pins and slots present in this file like for enabling I2C-0.

I am unable to locate bone_capemgr.9 file in /sys/devices/bone*.*
How can i do it in the absence of any such file.

Please Guide.


As I understand it, it is not available and you must downgrade to 3.8

I think you have three choices:

1.) Downgrade to kernel 3.8, specifically 3.8.13-bone67, which includes the latest cape manager.
My understanding is that 3.8 is the last kernel that will support the cape manager, and that it
will be replaced with something different. If you specifically need the capemanager, you
must downgrade.

2.) If you are running kernel 3.14 , you will need to build your own device tree binary,
either by writing your own .dts or using Robert Nelson’s dtb-rebuilder.
I think there is a branch for 3.18 also, on Robert Nelson’s GitHub repository, so you
can use dtb-rebuilder on 3.18, similar to 3.14, but drawing from a different branch
of the repository.

3.) Wait for the long term solution, something called ChangeSets. No details
available, yet.

So, BBB is a moving target. I just successfully used dtb-rebuilder for a custom
cape, and it is easy to use, once you understand it, but documentation is real

— Graham

i tried the second one and dont want to go for first one.

Earlier there were two I2C enable by default, but in this one there seems one.

Can someone please tell me the proper steps, if I want to enable I2c in my kernel "Linux arm 4.0.1-armv7-x2 ".

These devices are present
root@arm:/sys/bus/i2c/devices# ls -l i2c-*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 May 25 09:52 i2c-0 → …/…/…/devices/platform/ocp/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 May 25 09:52 i2c-2 → …/…/…/devices/platform/ocp/4819c000.i2c/i2c-2

but when i do
sudo i2cdetect -l
there is no output.

Without degrading the kernel to 3.8, Any help to enable i2c would be appreciable.

Regards :))

It looks like you have two I2C devices operational. I2C-0 and I2C-2

I2C-0 is for the internal use of the BBB, to talk to the power supply, and on-board EEPROM.
You should not use this I2C bus for anything.

I2C-2 is the I2C bus brought out to Pins P9-19 and P9-20.
Is there a reason that you can not use this I2C bus?

— Graham