Access to LCD3 Buttons from Node.j

I have an LCD3 on one of my BBB’s and would like to have the buttons accessible from Node.js. No where can I find a list of what pins the buttons are mapped to except for one reference about the Enter Button. That pin is already allocated and since the up and down buttons move the browser window they are obviously allocated to a process as well. Is that the same for left and right? How do I disable what ever is allocating them so that I can use them? What are the pin assignments?


If you check out the Schematic of the BeagleBone-LCD3 here and go to page 3, you can see all the buttons referenced.
These are the switches available:

Switches One power switch
One reset switch
Five user Switches

PWR_BUT is the power switch
RESET is the reset switch
The five user switches are:
GPIO0_3 = Enter Button

If you use bonescript, you can assign each of those pins as inputs ( and figure out what each of the buttons do.
You can view the expansion headers here to see where all the GPIO’s map to on the BeagleBone.

Juan et all:

Thanks. I thought I had the right pins and your message confirms that, however, when I try to allocate them in bonescript I get the following messages:

error: Unable to export gpio-48: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-48 consumed by left
error: Unable to export gpio-3: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-3 consumed by enter
error: Unable to export gpio-49: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-49 consumed by right
error: Unable to export gpio-51: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-51 consumed by up
error: Unable to export gpio-112: Error: EBUSY, resource busy or locked
gpio-112 consumed by down

Obviously someone is getting to them first!