Accessing Angstrom through serial connection after first boot, how to?

Hey guys, I've just started with beagleboard, and I don't know how to
run angstrom command line through minicom in an host computer.

I simply don't want to connect the beagleboard to a screen and a
keyboard, and be able to access Angstrom in my host through serial,
and through command line. Is this possible? When I boot the
beagleboard I just see in minicom:

"Uncompressing Linux.....Done, booting the kernel"

I would like to access Angstrom command line through minicom also,
after this.


Hi Marco,
You might want to give a little more info as to your Beagleboard model and your Angstrom distribution and so on. Right off the bat I would check to make sure that uboot's bootargs are set to pass ttyOn instead of ttySn. This was changed in kernels > 2.6.36.

Here is additional info that might be helpful.

Hi Mark,

The Beagle Board that I'm using is the REV C4 model, and I'm using the
Angstrom 2.6.29 image..
Can you help me with this?
I'm already setting up bootargs for tty02, because ttyS2 was in fact
not working.


Are you sure you set this properly?
Can you describe how did you changed ttyS2 to ttyS2?
And make sure it is number 2. IN my case it is 0.

I set it with:

setenv bootargs 'console=ttyO2,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw

How can I see if it is 2 or not?