Accessing BeagleBoard features through Mono runtime on Ubuntu for C# development

We are trying to develop a software platform on BeagleBone Black using C# and Mono cross platform runtime, on Ubuntu.

We would like to know whether there are any code API to access the BeagleBoard features through mono using C# language.

What do you need / are you looking for exactly?

You can certainly use the regular file system access to manipulate the GPIO, the serial ports, etc. This works fine. If you need access that is more direct than this, or higher performance, you’ll probably have to develop it yourself. I don’t think you are going to a BB API specifically designed for C#.

What version of Ubuntu are you running?
I believe 14.04 doesn't support mono.

“doesn’t support”?

“Doesn’t come pre-installed”, perhaps. What’s not to support?

The mono runtime for arm hard float isn't packaged with Ubuntu 14.04 ( last time I checked ).
It's been a while since I tried to get mono apps running on BBB, so my info may be out of date.
I've seen posts where people have been able to download the mono runtime source and compile it.
Arch Linux Arm has a repository that has the mono runtime for 14.04.