Accessing the USB port


I am a beginner to Linux and BBB, so apologies if this is a the noob question.

I have the following setup:

a BB and a 4D 28PTU display. The display is connected over the USB port of the BBB (not the miniUSB). Everytime when I want to use the display and plug it in while the BBB already runs I have to reboot the BBB first before it recognizes the display or even power it on.

So i was wondering if I could manually do a reboot simulation for the display, like shut it down and power it back on.

When I googled I came across this here:


here I see

1-0:1.0 1-1 1-1:1.0 2-0:1.0 usb1 usb2

Which one is my mini and which one is my “normal” ? (I am assuming usb1 is the normal).

when I look into the power directory I get

1-0:1.0 authorized avoid_reset_quirk bConfigurationValue bDeviceProtocol bmAttributes bMaxPower bNumInterfaces configuration dev devpath ep_00 idVendor manufacturer power quirks remove speed uevent version 1-1 authorized_default bcdDevice bDeviceClass bDeviceSubClass bMaxPacketSize0 bNumConfigurations busnum descriptors devnum driver idProduct ltm_capable maxchild product removable serial subsystem urbnum

So I look at wakeup which is always disabled.

So I’m wondering is it possible to simulate a reboot for the USB manually? And how? Do I just write something into the files?

I don’t want to test that because I am using the miniUSB to connect to the BBB and I am afraid that if I power something off it won’t power back on.

Thanks in advance!