Accessing USB3 superspeed host on BeagleBone AI

I'm surprised I've not noticed anyone ask yet, but the USB3 on
BeagleBone AI isn't just for acting as a client (gadget) device as it
works by default. You can also turn it around and use it in host mode!

echo "host" | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/48890000.usb/mode

You'll want to use a multiport adapter or hub with power pass-through.
I've tested it with a number of multiport adapters and hubs, including
the Apple multiport adapters.

Most recently, I tried it with this one:

Note that the one above is pretty simple, but does have a useless HDMI
connector on it as BeagleBone AI does not support the DisplayPort
alternate mode on USB Type-C. Anyway, it is funny that I've found
cheaper ones that work, like:

...but they all have so much extra stuff on them.

Anyone know of any affordable ones that are *just* USB Type-C hubs
with power pass-through?