Accidentally erased onboard Flash

So, I had the BBB running from its own flash, while connected to my laptop. I also had a micro SD inserted in my lap top, preparing to load it with an image I downloaded. My intent was to format the micro SD, instead I formatted the BBB flash, which appeared on my computer as another drive. Doh!!! Now, if I reboot, with no sd card, I only get a shell prompt. I can boot from the sd card with an image loaded but I’d like to re-image the flash. I tried loading the image on my sd that is supposed to flash the eMMC but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?


Explore this:

Reflash it.


Note that the BBB is picky about power supply when flashing eMMC: the 500ma from a USB might not be enough, so plug it into a real power supply, then boot from the “flasher” SD while holding the SD boot button down until after all 4 leds light up.

I also note that you didn’t really erase your eMMC, or you wouldn’t be getting a shell prompt of any kind, you’d just be getting the TI chip sending the letter “C” over the serial port repeatedly, waiting for you to send it boot code. Since you get a prompt, I’m assuming that’s the u-boot prompt having been loaded from the first partition successfully, and then failing to find the kernel on the second “root” partition. If that’s the case, it might be easier to restore that partition by copying files over to it rather than reburning.

Thank you for the reply.

I didn’t mention it, but it was connected to a 5V wall-wart as well as the USB connection. I think you’ve described what happened, I do get a prompt and not the repeating "C"s. I couldn’t get the sd “flasher” method to work, it would always go to the prompt. I think I’m going to attempt to restore the partition as you’ve described.

Thank you again.

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