Adding USB 3.0 storage in a NAS-style enclosure

I’m trying to figure out the cheapest and simplest, Open Hardware-respecting, way to extend the USB 3/USB C interface on the BeagleBone AI, internally with a small hub or board. Basically, I need to attach two SSDs to the USB 3 interface for a RAID 1 mirroring setup. I’m trying to fit this all into a nice NAS-like enclosure I am currently 3D printing.

Of course, I need to also make sure I can use USB C to power the BeagleBone AI board.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m currently looking at these as potential solutions, and I will need these for in bulk/wholesale for an upcoming product:

Looks like the 3rd link will be your best bet. It will turn the USB-C port into a USB-A 3.0 hub that can still power the board.