Additional BeagleV-Fire Web Content Question

In the web page for the BeagleV-Fire / Expansion section there is content that describes the Cape Headers but nothing that describes the SYZYGY High Speed Expansion Connector. Why?

From looking at the parts used in the BOM, the the schematic, and the SYZYGY specification it appears to be a TXR-4 expansion port. Can anyone confirm that?

Is there a reason the SYZYGY isn’t included in the Expansion section of the Web Page?

It is mainly because we currently do not have gateware that really make use of that interface. The gateware build options for that interface need a little love for the Opal Kelly loopback boards. Something I am looking at this week-end.

Did this stuff get any love Vauban?

Not as much as it deserves. The option LOOPBACK_3_LANES_OPAL_KELLY should be OK to use.