Additional information on building U-Boot successfully for beaglebone (and others?)


I followed these instructions to build an U-Boot for my beaglebone:

Both do not mention the kind of shell they use to build the U-Boot.

Normally I am using zsh instead bash of tcsh. When using zsh, the
build fails leavong an U-Boot behind but no MLO.

Futhermore the cross compiler suit used for this task often is
abbreviated with sometying like


which may or may not be installed on the system.

With gentoo and gentoos crossdev I built a cross toolchain
which compiler is named


. I also have a toolchain installed called, ahich compiler is called


Only when switching to


and using armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi- as the toolchain prefix the
compilation ended successfully and the U-Boot and MLO were built.

I would suggest to either add the shell dependency to the tutorials
above or -- better -- remove this dependency from the U-Boot makefile

Only my two cents...your linux board may vary... :wink:

Best regards,