--addon ulcd


I have brought the ulcd7 touchscreen and it is functional however the
display is not centered.
It is actually positioned above center and to the left. Therefore the
top of the screen is cutting off and wrapping to the bottom and the
missing right hand side is just being filled out by the right most
pixels available.

However this problem only exists using the images built using
netinstall or setup_sdcard. In angstrom the display is perfectly

As I am new to linux I am wondering if it is a simple matter of
playing with some settings within rootfs or the boot.src. If there are
settings available if someone could point them out it would be greatly


If you look closely you'll see it's off by 1 pixel in angstrom :slight_smile:

Even so, it's pretty much perfect in Angstrom.. :wink:

Troy, this is the last bug i haven't been able to solve on the ulcd...
For some reason the whole display is shifted up and to the left..
Since the patchset is very close to what koen uses for angstrom, my
last thought it may have been a userspace issue, so i copied all the
ulcd/i2c initialization bits from angstrom's startup scripts, but that
didn't help...


Hey Troy,

madhacker3kxl, found the fix for this problem..

In uEnv.txt

lcd1=i2c mw 40 00 00; i2c mw 40 04 80; i2c mw 40 0d 05; i2c mw 40 0d 15

lcd1=i2c mw 40 00 00; i2c mw 40 04 80; i2c mw 40 0d 05

It's working right now my ulcd..



Thankyou for the heads up! Is you vertical axis touches inverted? If I
go up my cursor goes down. I'm not to concerned I am happy that the
output is functional.

I haven't had time to find the beagleboard's ulcd patch but do you
think it would be viable for me to create cables from to ulcd to my
pandaboard es's lcd and gpio headers and get it to work. I would
assume that there is some code for the ulcd in c that I could modify
to ensure any gpio functionality is transferred to the correct
peripherals on the panda.